• "Ut maneat vobiscum in focus" - "May the focus be with you"

    Visiting Cha Peng Village in Henan, China

    About a week ago, I had the chance to visit a Village in Henan called Cha Peng (茶棚), the village was quite interesting, although the buildings and homes seemed old themselves, inside most people had wifi and at two TVs, some even had 55" TVs. We visited it, over the period of one night and two days, near to the village there was a large 4-star hotel, it was quite, nice, spacious and remarkably cheap for what it was, (a two-bed room cost RMB165), free breakfast was provided and surpisingly despite being located in the countryside, there were a number of BMW 7-series and a Rolls Royce parked right outside. On the second day, we visited a nearby mountain called, Da Bie Shan (大别山), although it was rather cloudy and it rained most of the time, it added to the mysterious effect of the mountain and its tea terraces.

    The two-bed room

    The Hotel's free "Buffet" breakfast

    A carving masterpiece but furniture failing as it was SOO uncomfortable
    to sit on... ;)

    The Rolls parked outside.

    Half-constructed buildings next to the national highway.

    A nearby city market

    Looking out from the visitor's centre

    The view from the "scenic bus" routes

    Flowing water down the valley

    Chinese proverbs very-loosely-translated into english

    The "rope-bridge"

    Rice terraces and the surrounding countryside

    Misty Mountains

    A road-side brick factory

    A interesting electronic mahjong table

    A HDR Panorama of the rice terraces near Da Bie Shan


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