• "Ut maneat vobiscum in focus" - "May the focus be with you"

    Visiting Hong Kong, Day 1 ShaTin (沙田)

    Day 1 in Hong Kong : Sha Tin (沙田)

    Upon arriving at the Hotel I was staying at (Regal Riverside Shatin) I promptly left my luggage and went out to explore the surrounding area, the Hotel was was parallel to a river and there were a number of bridges and a lot of paved walkways for pedestrians and cyclists. There was a lot to see and take photos of, look below for some of the photographs I took there.

    The area surrounding the footpaths was covered with trees and plants
    The bridge was coloured in blue and decorated in gold.
    On either side of the bridge there was a pagoda, providing a place to sit down and rest.
    There were a few fish and egrets around the river.
    My attempt and taking a long-exposured shot of the bridge without a tripod.
    The lit-up front of the hotel I stayed at.


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