• "Ut maneat vobiscum in focus" - "May the focus be with you"

    A short trip to Beijing

    Recently, I had the chance to visit Beijing, whilst applying for a visa to India, I took a overnight train to Beijing (软卧/Soft Sleeper ticket) It was a nice experience and the cabins have been changed since I last took a overnight train in China over three years ago. They have since then added plusher carpets and a personal TV for each passenger in the cabins (Soft Sleeper only). I arrived in the morning spent the day at the visa application centre, ate at a seriously-super-small restaurant for lunch then took the "Gao-Tie"(高铁)/Fast train back. Below are some photos of the train and the food I ate at the seriously-super-small restaurant.

    The coach interior was clean, the entire hallway and the cabins were carpeted.

    The Personal TV was very large and relatively bright, it was about 12 or 13 inches (diagonal length)

    Each cabin had a silver thermos-jug filled with hot water for hot beverages or instant noodles.

    The beds were weren't all that wide but were a comfortable size.

    The restaurant was actually really small, it comprised of two rooms, about 3 to 4 metres wide.

    As an appetiser I ordered tofu-skin cooked in chilli oil (It's not as bad as it sounds!)

    and for the main course, I had 250g of Dong Bei dumplings (东北饺子)


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