• "Ut maneat vobiscum in focus" - "May the focus be with you"

    A Weekend in WuHu (芜湖)

    Not many people outside of China have heard of this city. It is a relatively small city by Chinese standards, it is famous for it's scenery and food. I was there last weekend, visiting friends and doing a bit of sightseeing. I took the chance to experience the Kuai Che (快车) train to there. Here are some photos of the my time there.
    Fiery autumn colours are always a favourite photography subject!

    "Restaurant boats" docked at a improvised Wharf

    View of the famous Chang Jiang/Yang Tze river

    Scenic views of the rivers and a ancient lighthouse (The pagoda on the left.)

    Christmas decorations in the city centre

    Ferris wheel and temple in the city park.

    A "wishing" lantern ascending to the clouds.

    A historical Chinese lighthouse built in the 13th century

    The old (left) and new (right) lighthouses
    People lighting "wishing" lanterns

    The ironically named "Phoenix diet street"

    People taking boats from the wharf to a small island

    View of a large river from the train

    A electric tricycle/motorbike hybrid seen throughout China


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