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    Hong Kong Wetlands Centre....and Curry ;)

    Right now I am in Hong Kong, I am staying here for a short holiday. I have already visited Hong Kong numerous times so most of the "Touristy stuff" I have already visited. So I begun looking at reviews and on the internet (and asking friends) where would be a good place to visit. Something to do with nature or something that was good for taking photos of... Many people and websites recommended the Wetlands Centre.

    The Wetlands centre was relatively easy to get to, I took the bus to Tuen Muen station, the train on the West Rail Line to Tin Shui Wei station then took the Light Rail to Wetlands Park station. The whole journey took about 45 minutes and was a easy journey. Here are some pictures I took:
    Ants crawling on a leaf next to their nest

    Silhouette of a horned Beatle

    The park features a diverse variety of wildlife

    There are many boardwalks throughout the park

    There were quite a few couples getting their wedding photos taken

    The butterfly garden featured a large variety of species

    The cafe is reasonably priced and clean

    The wetlands centre (The building) overlooks a large wetland area

    A tasty curry

    There are many insects throughout the park

    The park is partially surrounded by high-rise apartments

    There are paths leading to all sorts of places throughout the park

    The view and landscape is very nice

    The Wetlands centre Light rail station

    There was a variety of different lotus flowers

    The Butterfly garden is filled with any different types of insects

    The Mangrove area is quite interesting

    Overflowing cup of milk tea

    The entrance of the Wetlands Centre

    The main part of the Centre

    Butterflies can be seen throughout the park

    All in all the Park was great, I recommend this attraction for those,
    who enjoy photography, wildlife, nature or just want something different...
    DEFINITELY worth it, so 4/5


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