• "Ut maneat vobiscum in focus" - "May the focus be with you"

    Japan, Otsu, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka

    I was in Japan last summer and I got the chance to visit some of the historic sites around Otsu, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Here are some of the things I saw:
    Delicious Ramen and fried aubergine from a proper noodle bar in Osaka

    Bamboo groves in Kyoto
     The bamboo groves were very picturesque, I recommend visiting them if you visit Kyoto.

    Curry katsu don, my favourite

    Hikone Castle
    Hikone castle is a great example of a Japanese castle, the moats and outer walls still exist and visitors are allowed to go inside the Keep.
    Also, Hikone Castle

    Katsu don, Yum!

    Kinkakuji, Kyoto
    Kinkakuji is probably the most popular attraction in Kyoto, it is a shrine that is covered in gold, a definite must see! One downside though is it is quite crowded because everyone visits it.
    Humongous Japanese Gyoza sign in Osaka
     Walking through the city streets in Osaka is always interesting, sometimes you can see some really cool things. At night time, it's even better, all the signs and lanterns light up.


    A moving crab stuck on a shop front in Osaka

    A moving Octopus advertising takoyaki in Osaka

    Ninja house near Otsu
     I really recommend this Ninja house near Otsu its very nice, the guides show you all the different ninja traps and hiding places and you can pay a little extra to throw shurikens or even buy them!
    Free roaming deer in Nara central park
    Nara central park is famous for its free roaming deer that you can feed.
    Butterflies from Nara central park

    Rickshaws in Kyoto

    More rickshaws in Kyoto

    Street in Otsu

    A shopping street

    View from boat in the japanese sea

    A temple in the Nara central park


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